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Initial Exploration and Scope:  

In this project, I identified a need for educators moving to online teaching during the pandemic to receive training on a product that facilitated online instruction.

A simple, easy to follow online training walking the educator through setting up and creating a basic lesson within this program was determined to be the best way to provide this instruction.

Work Process:

I began this project by creating an outline of what would need to be covered within the training.  A basic script was created to facilitate the training.  I personally provided the training in this video. After the video and screen sharing portions were created, the video was edited within Filmora.  The video was posted on YouTube for easy access by educators.  This video has over 100k views on YouTube and numerous comments attesting to it's value and ease of use by educators.

Tools used: Filmora, Canva, Loom, YouTube


Initial Exploration and Scope:  

In this project, the company had identified a need to provide a clearer explanation of their pay structure for independent contractors.  This pay structure was fairly complicated with varying levels and corresponding bonuses that needed to be understood.  I suggested an animated explainer video for this project to help the contractors understand these concepts in an easy and fun way.

Work Process:

I began this project by collaborating with subject matter experts (SMEs) to review documentation about the pay structure and clarify any questions that I had.  I developed a storyboard and script for the project, which was then presented to SMEs for review.  Some points were clarified and changes were made to the plan before approval.  Once the storyboard and script was approved, I created the animated explainer video using Toonly and Canva. 

Tools used: Toonly, Canva, Youtube




Initial Exploration and Scope:  

I was initially contracted by International Open Academy to help develop a course on teaching English as a second language in a virtual setting. The scope of this project included a need to identify and recruit four additional subject matter experts, develop an initial layout of the online modules, and create the modules.  

Work Product:

The final project included seven modules in an online course format.  Modules included videos, handouts, and assessments. To date over 10,000 people have taken the course. 

Tools Used: Google Suite, FIlmora

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Initial Exploration and Scope:  

The scope of this project included a need to provide potential GoGoKid independent contractors with the skills and knowledge needed to proceed through the interview process and lead a demo lesson for the hiring manager.  Interviewees needed a thorough understanding of the multiple steps in the process and what to expect.  Independent contractors also needed to demonstrate specific skill sets during the demo lesson in order to pass through to hiring.  The web-based course provided them with the basic level of knowledge and skills needed to become an English as a Second Language Instructor at GoGoKid.

Work Product:

The final project included a thorough explanation of each step in the process.  It also provided video instruction and examples that could be watched to provide a better explanation and understanding.  Applicants were also provided with printable resources that could be used during their demo lesson.

Tools Used: Google Sites, YouTube, Canva

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ggk course.PNG



Initial Exploration and Scope:  

The scope of this project included a need to provide an asynchronous introduction to a unit on ratios in math.  The google slide presentation course provided them with five different activities to complete in the process of gaining background knowledge and understanding of the unit.

Work Product:

The final project included an asynchronous introduction that included student-facing objectives, five activities to complete, and a google form to log completion.  Activities included a YouTube video, a nearpod lesson, a website for research on jobs that relate to ratios, an IXL lesson, and a BoomCard game.

Tools Used: Google Slides, Google Forms, Nearpod, YouTube, BoomCard, IXL, Canva

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Unit 1.PNG
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