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Tips for Reading a Research Article

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

Reading research articles can be a challenging but rewarding task. Here are some tips that may help you effectively read and understand research articles:

  1. Start by reading the abstract and introduction: These sections provide an overview of the research and its main objectives. This will help you get a general understanding of the study and its significance.

  2. Look at the figures and tables: These can often provide a visual summary of the results and can be easier to understand than dense text.

  3. Skim the methods and results sections: This will give you a sense of how the study was conducted and what the main findings were.

  4. Read the discussion and conclusion: These sections will provide an interpretation of the results and their implications. Pay particular attention to the limitations of the study and any suggestions for future research.

  5. Take notes and ask questions: As you read, make note of any concepts or findings that are unclear to you. Having a list of questions can also help guide your reading and ensure that you are focused on the most important aspects of the article.

  6. Use outside resources: If there are terms or concepts that you are unfamiliar with, don't be afraid to look them up. This can help you better understand the article and the research it presents.

Overall, the key to reading research articles effectively is to be patient and take your time. It may be helpful to read the article multiple times and to discuss it with others to fully grasp the content and its significance.

A great video to check out to further your knowledge and skills in this area is below:

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