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Training can be customized for your school or organizational needs. Some sample training presentations can be found below.
Examples of Previous Training:
  • Science of Reading 101
  • Providing Foundational Reading Skills to Complex Learners
  • Facilitating Reading Instruction for the Non-Verbal Learner
  • My Student is in High School, Why Should I Teach Foundational Reading?
  • Transitioning Away from a Balanced Literacy Reading Block
  • Virtual Instruction: A Whole Different Game
  • Engaging Students in Virtual Instruction
  • How to Support Inclusion for Special Teachers and Extra-Curricular Leaders
  • Writing Legally Compliant IEPs
  • Aligning the Evaluation, Present Levels, and IEP Goals
  • Creating Collaborative and not Combative IEP Teams
  • Dispute Resolution for Special Education Administrators
  • What to Do When the School Says No: IEP Dispute Resolution for Parents
  • Training Paralegals in the Small Law Firm Practice



This 90-minute training was created to provide an initial overview of the Science of Reading and its application to students with complex needs for a virtual professional development session. The virtual training uses Zoom features to provide a space where participants can collaborate.

Tools used: Microsoft PowerPoint, Zoom


  • Broke down complex ideas into easy-to-understand formats

  • Provided application of ideas to company customer population

  • Met the needs of a variety of stakeholders including product teams, marketing, sales, and executive leadership.


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This 30-minute course was created to train paralegals on common ethical issues that arise. The instructor-led training also provides a space where participants collaborate.

Tools used: Microsoft PowerPoint


  • Turn and talk discussion for participants to engage with one another

  • Knowledge check questions to review the main points

  • A small group discussion for participants to immediately apply the lesson and collaborate with others


🖱️ Click below to view each project document:

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E-LEARNING (6).png
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